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Corliss Harris

First Lady

My Story

Corliss Hunley Harris is the proud daughter and only child of Mr. and Mrs. Denson Hunley of Talladega, Alabama.  She began her Christian journey under the pastoral leadership of Dr. B.E. McKinney at Greater Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church at the tender age of 9 years old by confessing the Lord Jesus Christ and being water baptized.  She served in various ministries and roles throughout her preteen, teen, and early adult years.

Corliss studied at Alabama State University, Montgomery, Alabama and for over 20 years has worked with at-risk youth, autistic children, and those with disabilities.  She currently works in early childhood education (ECE). 

Lady Harris is the loving wife to Pastor Ira K. Harris and for over two decades has assisted him in shouldering the weight of ministry.  As an anointed Watchman patrolling her ward and discerning intercessor with a prophetic unction, she daily carries the burden of the Lord for the church having a deep desire to see the bride of Christ rise in purity, maturity, and the full stature of Christ Jesus.  Together the Harris’ oversee the First Baptist Church South family. 

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